About Us

What is a Polyrhythm?

Polyrhythm is the combination of two or more rhythms played simultaneously.

Polyrhythm Brewing

You may have noticed that there are 3 white outlined shapes in our logo; a circle, triangle and a square.  The idea of a polyrhythm generator is that if you start at the top of the circle and follow along, every time another shape intersects with the circle, there is a percussion sound.  The square is its own rhythm and so is the triangle.  If you look even closer, you'll notice that the sun is a record and the rays are sound waves.  The grass, water and mountains also contribute to different sound waves and symbolize Alberta's beautiful landscape in the Rockies.


This meaning translates to beer when you replace rhythms with ingredients.  With all the varying ingredients available (malt, hops and yeast), they can be layered to create something truly spectacular.


Polyrhythm Brewing is founded by Chelsea and Taylor who have fully immersed themselves into the homebrewing and craft beer scene over the last 6 years.

Chelsea is our Head Brewer and was the former President of the Edmonton Homebrewer's Guild with many National competition medals under her belt.  She holds a BSc and over 9 years of laboratory experience focusing on environmental sciences and microbiology.

Taylor is our Taproom Manager and is a Journeyman Electrician by trade.  Taylor brings the musical passion to Polyrhythm as a drummer and will keep things amped up in the taproom.